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Now into 2019, we enter our 15th year of Cerec Dentistry and our 24th year as Locust Valley Dentistry.  Last year we completed our 6th year of using Cone Beam technology along with Cerec technology to perform Guided Implant Dentistry.  Old school implant surgery is done free hand allowing for greater error of your permenant implant.  We are Surgically placing implants fully Computer Guided providing a more predictable and safer surgery.  Restoring these implants after they have healed can be done digitally allowing for greater accuracy and a superior restoration. The surgical phase of Implant Dentistry has never been safer, more predictable, and more accurate than now.  There is far less post-op discomfort, if any with this more conservative surgical technique.  It is also done in our office without the need to go to another office.  If you are in need of a tooth replacement do not have it placed free handed unless it is your only option.  Call us today to discuss your case (516) 671-5359.